The wine is the absolute expression of the terroir it is grown on. The vines are old and flourish in their location in the upper part of the village.  Nothing equals such conditions for producing small grapes which grow to reach their full maturity. The result is a distinguished wine which will reveal some of its charms early on, however we recommend waiting a little longer for greater sophistication.

Product type: French Red wine, Pinot Noir, Côte de Beaune, Burgundy, France (Dept. Côte d'Or)

Vineyard location: Fully south-facing on a gentle slope.

Vine population: Pinot Noir – 10,000 vine stocks per hectare.

Average age of vines: 50 years old.

Bottle closure: premium natural cork and capsule.

Wine-growing terroir: These vines grow in the lowest-lying part of the vineyard on former alluvium and mid-way up the vineyard slopes, where the clay-limestone soil has good drainage properties due to gravel and rocky debris. A little higher up in the vineyard Oxfordian marl (Jurassic period) with brown calcium-rich and calcareous soil types can be found. The presence of iron oxide sometimes turns the earth red in places. Vines are exposed to the sun at sunrise and midday. The vineyard's altitude is between 250 and 330 metres.

Wine-making techniques: Maceration in vats for two to three weeks, regular pushing down of skins by hand (pigeages) and pumping-over, 18 months' maturing in oak barrels.

Tasting notes & ageing potential: Our Pommard is a wine which is full of emotion.
Deep dark ruby robe; blackberry and bilberry notes rub shoulders on the palate and it is not uncommon for a wild, feline character to emerge with time. With maturity, leather, chocolate and pepper notes tend to develop.

This is a wine that should be allowed to age a little while. This will allow it to express itself fully and to display its round body, firm yet delicate structure, fruity palate and its chewy tannins which by then will be have taken on their full smoothness.

Overall, this is a distinguished wine which will reveal some of its charms right from youth, however, we recommend waiting a little longer for greater sophistication.

Recommended serving temperature 15 to 16°C.


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Suggested accompaniments:

This celebrated representative of the Côte de Beaune appellation particularly comes into its own with game, thanks to its strong, densely-packed tannins. Filet steak, a rack of lamb or poultry in rich sauces will also be well-complemented by its firm-textured tannins and concentrated aromas. This wine is a natural partner for stronger-flavoured cheeses such as Epoisses, Langres, Soumaintrain or even Comté.


Acidity: 3,9g
Alcohol: 13,0%
Resid. sugar: 0g
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