Distillation in Pommard, 20th January 2012

The still is located next to the Church of Pommard, just opposite the vineyards.

On this day of 20th of January 2012, we distilled our two spirits: the Fine de Bourgogne and our Marc.

During distillation, the Château du Val de Mercy vineyard team, took the opportunity to have a quick lunch, accompanied by our favourite wines!

Later on, a festive meal was held at the Estate. Our old 'Dom' offered us a menu of duck foie gras au torchon cooked in the still's vases.

This feast went on with ducks and other pork products, which were masterfully cooked by our dear distiller.

Of course, a few bottles straight from our cellars have accompanied these dishes. The atmosphere and good humour were present on this day like no other!

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